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  • Hi DonBakke, We are currently using version 4.0.5, could it be a problem? I don't think a RDK will work because everything depends on my company's own framework so this is the code you actually need: Ctrl = @Window:".OLE_REPORT" ***you can chan…
    in images Comment by slowjams June 2018
  • Hi AusMarkB, I'm trying to use FixedRowHeight, but it doesn't work, no matter what value I put, the row height is the same as the font. any idea?
    in images Comment by slowjams June 2018
  • Hi Kevin, thank you for posting the sample code, I tried but can only add the image in the column header not in the cell, which is the same problem I have, below is a screenshot: You can see that the print image is added to the column header but n…
  • Hi AusMarkB I have tried that, still doesn't work, my code is like: ImageList = '' ImageList<1> = "C:\1-print.bmp":@FM:1 set_property(reportTable,"OLE.ColumnDataSource[":index$:"]", "Image") then I use: data = '' ... data'<'row…
  • Hi, tried replace @vm to @fm, still doesn't work. Could you show me a small project that has about 20 lines? thank you
  • ImageList = '' ImageList<1> = "C:\path\print.bmp":@VM:4:@VM:"Auto" set_property(theControl, "OLE.ImageList", ImageList) set_property(theControl, "OLE.ItemImage[":myIndex$:";1]", 1) just want to make the first record to have the image for tes…