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  • The idea was that you only have to set the format once using en-US standards and the controls would automagically localize it for you. Try "#,##0.00" instead and see if that works. Also note that if you use $ in your number format (without quotes),…
  • It seems like the same issue as reported here. It's on my radar to fix. I'm very close to (finally) releasing the SRP ActiveX Controls (pretty big update), and then all my attention will focus on giving the SRP Editor some much needed attention.
  • You can try this beta build of 4.2 and let me know if it formats correctly.
  • Yes, I do this exact thing with the SRP Editor loading screen. I use a Picture control to show the logo and a STATIC label beneath it to show progress.
  • Just one at a time. The idea was never to make this a rich content control. It started out as just images, but captions were later added so we could show text when the image was "empty." What is it you are hoping to achieve? Maybe there's a way to g…
  • 1. It depends on the client's need to be running on supported software. Revelation is dropping support for OI 9, but that doesn't mean it won't continue to work. You just won't get updates. For some of our clients, this is a show stopper since runni…
  • You're right, that is currently not supported. I'll make this a high priority item as it's a long overdue oversight that should be remedied as soon as possible. Give me some time, though, as adding locale support to all formatting options is a lot.
  • If you registered them on the VM workstations, then I can't really explain why OI can't load them. If you open REGEDIT and then search for SRPEDITOR.Button.1, does it find anything? If so, look in the nearby InprocServer32 folder and see the file pa…
  • You have to register the SRPEditor.ocx on each machine that uses it using the regsvr32 command.
  • These are the latest builds. If you tell me what version numbers you want, I can get you what I can. Build dates are hard to run off of since Windows sometimes will change those files dates as they get moved around and copied. SRPUtil.ocx is depreca…
  • SRPEditor.ocx SRPEditor64.ocx SRPControls.ocx SRPControls64.ocx SRPUtilities.dll (32-bit) SRPUtilities.dll (64-bit)
  • I have an update on this. I had to work with Revelation to troubleshoot and it turns out there needed to be a fix in OpenInsight.exe. It's my fault I didn't find this during the 10.2 beta, so we'll have to wait for 10.2.1.
  • Indeed. Long overdue.
  • Yes, that will be fixed soon. I've just wrapped up DPI support in our OLE controls. Once those are released, then the SRP Editor will get some TLC.
  • I had to significantly strip down your code to remove all your application dependencies. The method.progress routine seems to behave fine in my test, but I noticed that you offer the option to show a cancel button using, I'm guessing, the SRP Popup …
  • I am unable to recreate this thus far using the pseudocode you provided. I am going to need more information to in order to isolate this. Is there a chance you are changing the PaneCount property somewhere on your form?
  • Finally getting to this. I know it's been ages. I should have mentioned this back when you posted, but setting the HorizontalScroll property disables auto-sizing of columns. The docs mention in this in some places, but not in the ColumnList property…
  • The SRP EditTable is too complicated to be initialized in the form designer. You have to set it up in code.
  • Sorry for the delayed response. I've added this issue to my list, but I'm in the process of a major update to the controls and won't be able to give you a fix until that update is complete. I'll be sure to look at it as soon as I can.
  • This error is coming from the email server, so I don't know off the top of my head. Google turned up this article. Maybe it will help.
  • I'm talking with Don about your first question. I'll get back to you. Regarding the second question, this is an unfortunate limitation of control events. If you have control over the server code, you need to update it to return something without @R…
  • Cool. Glad it's helping. Keep me posted if anything goes awry.
  • This is different than before you tried logging, correct? Before the Engine Server was fine but the engines were gone. Crashing on writing to the disk smacks of an environmental issue. Disk getting full perhaps?
  • The logs would be in whatever sub folder you specified in the INI's LogDirectory property. Given the above error, it's possible the engine server was denied access to writing the logs. I wonder if it's related to why your engines are crashing. The …
  • Here's a link to download version 1.3.5. Whenever the RevCAPI returns an error, it attempts to restart the engine. I was able to manually kill engines and see them restart. Some caveats: 1. I was only able to test this by closing engines myself. Si…
  • Don't beat yourself up. I've had some doozies, lemme tell ya.
  • When using SRP_PreCompiler, you specify the parameters directly and the precompiler handles the @Params invisibly. It should look like this: Function Test_Services(@Service, @Params) #pragma precomp SRP_PreCompiler $insert SERVICE_SETUP …
  • There is no hard coded limit. I just did a simple test with a service that had 24 parameters and it compiled and ran fine. I will need to see code to diagnose any further.
  • You might want to enable logging to see if it's a particular command triggering these crashes.
  • I'll look into the possibility to detecting an engine has crashed replacing it. Hung engines are a different matter. There isn't a way of distinguishing between a hung engine and a busy one.