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  • "You could convert this to a CHECKBMP control and use a custom bitmap to give yourself a very specific look and size." Ok, I've never heard of that. I will look into that.
  • ok, that's fine. I can use a cell grid and make the cell be highlighted/non highlighted to indicate selection.
  • ok, my experience with wire shark has been positive. Assuming you are not using https, you should be able to see everything.
  • have you tried wireshark?
  • Thanks. The example in there looks simple, but the ListvView control is more complex? i will give it a try anyway.
    in Win32 controls Comment by josh July 15
  • I started looking at this problem again, and it's actually quite simple to achieve what slowjams is asking. I spent ages trying to figure this out in 2018, and now I found out how to do it in 2020 in a few hours. Style = Get_Property(@window, "…
  • how do you call the FindWindow API from OI?
  • How do you get a handle to a chrome browser?
  • actually, i think Don is right. It just so happens that both justifications result in a btree structure(ordering) that is correct for my use case, but the btree extract must be using the number definition of >= rather than lexical definition, so…
  • Then how did the keys returned by btree.extract change?
  • It's not necessarily that the code is "wide". It's that two logically connected pieces of the code (the then and the else clauses) are written far away from each other. In other words, it's hard to know what then clause an else clause is connected…
  • I have never heard of the SRP preview control? I had the need to display a pdf in an oi form, and i thought of using the embedded IE web browser, but the srp preview control sounds better. It doesn't seem to be documented.
    in SRP_Show_Window Comment by josh April 24
  • Ok, I am not demanding that you do it. I was just wondering if there was a setting I needed to turn on to get this error detection. I can live without out. @donbakke " I'm not a fan of using the return statement to force the end of a gosub like t…
  • This does work when using the scroll wheel to scroll , but when dragging the scroll gripper, OI fires VSCROLL events before the final drag destination is reached, which means that each chunk along the path to the final destination is loaded, rather …
  • Just putting it out there - Could the action of a menu item create a contextmenu and thus being a submenu Yes, I have thought of that. Only problem with it is that it's a bit disorientating for the user -- but who cares about that.
  • I see, It doesn't look hopeful https://wiki.srpcs.com/display/Commands/ContextMenu+Function Not a big deal, there is another way to do what I am trying to do.
  • Thanks, you are using it for your SRP editor, so it must be possible.
  • actually, I misremeber. I have done something like this before for days of the week. Thank you for reminding me about this. I will definitely use it.
  • Oh, so this is basically a custom CONV function. Thanks, I will give it a try.
  • I have never heard of the concept of a UDC in OI. Btw, this is in the context of allowing the user to choose a credit card type. We want to display Visa Mastercard American Express but the code requires v m a It would be nice if I could just do…
  • Hi, I just wanted to know if the combo box had a feature that allows you to associate input with output. But you have confirmed that it doesn't . I think it's weird that Revelation provided the feature for the radio control but not the drop down c…
  • I don't know anything about subclassing. I am curious to learn more, as I could probably make use of it . How did you get that combo box to look like that? I would like to create a combo box whose drop down contains images. Is that subclassing? E…
  • Hi, No I am not talking about the database. I am talking about associating the output representation of a piece of data with its input representation. The radio button in OI has this feature. I was hoping the combo box had it to, but it doesn't l…
  • Actually, that list appears to be a list box, not a combo box. So that explains that. Still wondering how they got that black rectangle to appear in that combo box though.
  • Hi, it actually is possible out of the box: '' I changed "something" and I am now able to select the text by clicking in the ell (but not the text). So yes, it's perfect. Thanks
  • They have now admitted that what they did caused the issue. So mystery solved.
  • We have now figured out that the IT Department had done pen testing on the computer running the UDH at exactly the time the UDH crashed. They are claiming however that their pen testing, which apparently tries to connect to every single port on the…
  • I see, i guess I was hoping that it would be possible for the hyperlink to only apply when the mouse were over the text rather than the cell. I will try your solution. If that doesn't work, i will make a right click context menu over the cell give…
  • Hi, the reason I am asking all these questions is that our LH program didn't work for 6 hours. We emailed Revelation and received a response from them. Unfortunately, we still don't know what the issue was. And yes, that book I linked goes into to…