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How to change the size of a form on the fly?

I use Set_Property(window, "SIZE", NewSize) but the window's size won't change unless I trigger the window's create event which I don't want to do.
So how can I apply the size change on the fly?


  • This seems like a variation of your previous question, and this one is similar in that it begs other questions. For instance, when you say "on the fly", what exactly does that mean to you? Also, how do you know that the SIZE property won't change outside of the CREATE event handler (which isn't true, by the way, but you saying so has me curious about your claim).
  • I mean I want to change a window's size after the form has been created , for example when I press a button on the window, I want to window to be bigger
    but when I execute:
    Set_Property(window, "SIZE", NewSize)
    The window doesn't change.
  • That should work, so the devil is in the details. Is the code you posted verbatim or is it generalized to provide an example? To be more specific, are you sure the window and NewSize variables contain the correct information? Normally you would just pass the @Window system variable to be safe.
  • Do you have a value in window or should it be @window
  • Oops, sorry Don, did not see you post
  • All good...we basically posted at the same time. Two great minds thinking alike!
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