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is it possible for change property of partial content?

Let's say I have a text field with "I like red color", is possible just highlight the word "red' in red color instead of making the whole text in red color?


  • Yes. The SELECTION property I mentioned before will do that if you use the correct starting position and length.
  • I missed the part about "red color". The SELECTION property will use the default system color.
  • @DonBakke
    I had tried SELECTION before but it didn't work,
    after setting the whole text then I used:
    set_property(ctrlID, "8:@fm:3 ", "SELECTION")
    set_property(ctrlID, "RED", "FORECOLOR")

    it still set the whole sentence in red color

  • Hopefully the content of the text field will allow you to be a little creative.
    Are you aware of what is actually going to be the text as in are there a limited number of possibilities?
    If so, are they all similar in content?

    If you are aiming for something like
    I like red colour
    I like blue colour
    I like yellow colour
    where just the one word is changing colour, use three separate text fields.
    One text field will always display "I like", then a separate text field in the middle for the actual coloured word and then a third text field with the word "colour".
    So you only need change the forecolor of the middle text field
  • @AusMarkB
    I can't do that because there are two many combinations, I just gave the example to simplify my question, in reality , I have to create more than 50 different text fields if I do it in that way, thats why I want to change partial content
  • @slowjams - Your original post was confusing because highlighting normally means selecting in OI, thus I missed the requirement to color code the highlight. I'm now a bit more confused because you referenced the FORECOLOR property, which doesn't highlight at all but only changes the color of the text.

    There really isn't a way to do what you want. You can highlight (via the SELECTION property) or you can make specific text a certain color by using an RTF textbox and formatting the content appropriately.
  • Then I think you're out of luck. I don't think there's any control that allows for mixed font/colour for the purpose you describe.
  • well except for an RTF textbox :P
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