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Image mouse cursor

In the SRP Schedule Control it looks like we can resize a column because of the change of the mouse cursor image.
When we try to resize the schedule column, OpenInsight crashes.

OI 9.4, Windows 10, Control version

Regards, Ed


  • I need more to go on. There might be a specific setup that leads to this, but as it stands, I can't get this to crash for me. You can email me your setup (no need to include actual appointments) or a simple RDK recreating the issue.
  • Hey Kevin,
    Attached image:
    Notice in the circle. If we put the mouse pointer as far to the right as possible the wrong column is resized.
    When we try to resize the fourth column, OI crashes.
    If we set the window fullscreen, we can't get it to crash. At the size as shown in the image we can crash OI easily.
    But not always instantly, sometimes we have to foolaround resizing and checking/unchecking columns.

    Hope this helps.
  • This version should fix the crash. Thanks for the details.
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