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Our Openinsight is not UTF8
With php we receive UTF8 JSON from a mobile app.
Finally we were able to send the request in UTF8 to the framework.
Now we find that with the call "SRP_HashTable_Set(MemoryServicesManagers@, KeyID, Value)"
the post-string is put in the hashtable, but if we read the value back immediately, the string is a few characters shorter. (because of utf8 chars?)
Converting the POST-string to ANSI in php corrupts the json.
What are we doing wrong or what is the best way to process UTF8 data in an ansi Openinsight.

Regards Ed


  • Ed - I have some questions for you:
    • What did you do to finally "send the request in UTF8 to the framework"?
    • Have you tried turning UTF8 on dynamically to see if you can Set and Get the data correctly?
    • Are you able to send me a copy of the UTF8 string for internal testing?
  • Configuring the engine and the php-script took me some hours.
    What do you mean with "turning on UTF8 on dynamically"?
    We run the engine now with "UTFPortNumber"
    The idea is that we can use utf_ansi after we pulled the values from json.
  • Thanks for the attachments. There might be an issue on our end so we are looking into this now.

    What I meant by "turning UTF8 on dynamically" was using the SetUTF8() routine.
  • Just to confirm that I can replicate this when running in UTF8 mode, in SRP_Utilities v2.1.6 and v2.1.12.1 - however v1.6 is ok.

    Work-around seems to be to force ANSI mode around the SET method. Eg
    string = 'kééman\n“Dubbele quote”\n‘Enkele quote’' handle = SRP_Hashtable( 'CREATE') utf8mode = isUTF8() Setutf8( 0) ;// Force single-byte mode SRP_Hashtable( 'SET', handle, 'opmerking', string) Setutf8( utf8mode) ;// restore previous UTF8 mode setting value = SRP_Hashtable( 'GET', handle, 'opmerking') SRP_Hashtable( 'RELEASE', handle)
    Cheers, M@
  • M@ - Thanks for the input. Thanks for confirming the issue and for the workaround.
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