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image not visible in cell

We have a solution where you can add images to a record.
We make the images visible with an edittable.
This works for most images except for the image attached.
Imagelayout set to "TH", the path to the image goes directly in CellImage.
We have also tried to load the image in SRP.PICTURE.1 with the same result: picture is loaded but not visible.
What can be the problem?

Regards Ed


  • Probably the size and resolution of the original image I suspect.
    As you say, it does load but I think it's just difficult to see the content when it is shrunk to fit.

    Even if you resize it an image editing tool, it is still near impossible to see anything but black.

  • Hey AusMarkB,
    If we load the image the cell remains white (cell background color)
    But in your example we see the image. Did you process the image first? Or is it the one we provided (unchanged)?

  • hmmm,
    If we download the picture from our first post, the image shows up correct. Looks like the image is processed when downloaded. The original is attached in zip
  • Aha. Ok. I have the same or similar problem with your zipped version.
    Nothing shows up.
    I can still open it using SnagIt and it looks the same as the originally posted one.

    I used the picture control metadata methods to see if there was any difference there. Not that I knew what I was looking for but I was curious. I thought maybe the zipped version was missing some crucial metadata and the act of downloading the posted image from the browser added some.

    Turns out it was the other way around. The one you originally posted, the one that worked, has no associated metadata whereas the zipped version that doesn't work has one small piece of metadata or one metadata model; "XMP".
    The contents of which is some xml that looks like this

    Now that may all be irrelevant and I'm afraid I can't help beyond that but maybe it means something to the more experienced viewers out there.

    I just previewed this post before posting mainly to see what the xml I quoted would look like and instead of seeing the xml I saw this...

    I don't know exactly what that means but I do think it is somehow related.
  • I figured out the issue. The image is using 64 bits per pixel. The current controls only recognize up to 32bpp. Future releases will be able to handle this format. The forum must have converted the image to 32bpp.
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