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SRP editor images

edited September 2022 in SRP Editor
Does anyone know if we can "point" (*.ini/etc) to SRP Editor's images? I have installed the editor but no images display. I installed SRP editor and dll on network share and installed/registered SRP OCX into a local drive c:\revsoft\client files\...; I cannot determine where SRP install copied the images, my \\dev copy of OI+SRP is on a network share, "\\programming\program\Repositories\name\revsoft\openinsight" or "P:\Repositories\name\revsoft\openinsight". I have copied the images to the local drive "c:\revsoft\client\..." - did not display images, I copied the same images to the OI root of "P:\Repositories\name\revsoft\openinsight". Unfortunately, no one at this site knows how to install SRP tools, I have asked and they replied they do not know. TIA.


  • The RDK places SRPEditorImage.zip into the BMPS directory, and the SRP Editor expects there to be a BMPS subdirectory inside the current working directory. There are two cases I've seen images not load. Case 1: running in a terminal server set at 24-bit color instead of 32-bit color. Case 2: An unusual OI directory configuration.
  • Kevin - thanks for the info, I am still missing one image that I trying to find, I have to get off my grid, fire and grid is shutting down but I have attached the area where I am missing one more image. TIA.
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