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  • Hi @Opto_Will The invoice date record is in a OI date, so I have to search the data using a OI date. The BTree.Extract worked well before, but since 2023, I can't search the data correctly if the search date is the date in the year 2023. I have c…
  • Hi, I had this problem too. In my case, OpenInsight will return wrong results if the btree search string is the date in the year 2023. Anyone have any idea how I solve this problem Thank You Albert
  • Hi Don Yes, the NEXT property works with OI EditTable, both in OI 9 and 10. https://optikseis.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/videos/Delivery+Order+(DO)+-+_New+Entry_+2022-08-10+21-52-11.mp4
  • Hi Frank, I want to get the latest build. My email address is albert@optikseis.com Thank you, Albert K
  • I have set up a local default printer and it doesn't resolve the issue. I have sent you a link to download a copy of our system. Thank you Albert
  • Hi Don, I can't open SRP Editor both in EXAMPLES or SYSPROG Regards Albert K
  • I can't interact with the SRP editor, even when I press ALlt+F4, the splash screen doesn't close, it shows message box : OpenInsight is not responding.
  • Very very thank you, after placing jsons2.js file to the HTML folder, that function works perfectly. I can't use SRP_JSON because some of our workstation computers are still using windows vista. That's why I use RTI_JSON instead of SRP_JSON because…
  • Hi Don, Yes, we are using Whatsapp web API. But I also save all messages in mysql. Now, what my focus is to build a user interface so that a user can send a message and also read all incoming messages. I will explore SRP HTTP Frameworks, hopefully…
  • Hi @DonBakke The platform that i am using is API from whatsapp for business. Every new incoming messages and outgoing/sent messages are saved in mysql. What I need is just to get the data from mysql and show it using openinsight edit table …
  • wow interesting. I will check this. Thank you @AusMarkB
  • oops, sorry. It's my mistake. I shouldn't convert the data to HEX, because the data already in HEX. Now the SRP_TcpClient works perfectly. Thanks. Awesome tool.