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srp editor not showing correct error messages upon compile

compile subroutine srp_error(void)


under the OI editor returns: B102: Line 3, Ilegal Statement: RTI_OS_DELETE

The SRP Editor returns

EENG00..., line. Variable has not been assigned a value.

Something's out of whack


  • This is due to the fact that RTI has a special way of compiling code that gives them more errors. The SRP Editor cannot use that special method without sacrificing the ability to compile inherited stored procedures. So, it's something I am aware of and want to improve, but it will take a lot of changes in the SRP Editor to pull it off.
  • Sure, I understand that

    I was under the impression that you call the OI compiler and spin out whatever return or status code it gave you back.
    I've had a few of these things over time and have had to go to the OI basic editor to get the truth of the error

    will leave it in your capable hands - cheers
  • I do call the OI compiler, but I call it through Repository("COMPILE") at the moment. The better errors come from the RTP routine, but that requires a lot of manual repository management that I would have to add. It's doable, but It's something I have to carve out time for.
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