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Image inside combo box


I noticed that the OI form designer has a combo box with images inside of it (see below). Is this something that I can do in my own programs? I do have a use case for it. The alternative is laying out the images horizontally in an SRP edit table.


  • Actually, that list appears to be a list box, not a combo box. So that explains that.

    Still wondering how they got that black rectangle to appear in that combo box though.
  • That Font window is built-in to Windows. OI is not doing that. To achieve that affect in OI is a lot of work, and I'm not sure if it's entirely doable. I think it's possible because I've been told OI supports callbacks. Essentially, you set style bits to tell the combo/list box that you plan to custom draw each item. Then, during drawing, it calls the callback method you provide. Then you use GDI to draw it.

    I recommend finding another avenue.
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