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Form_Services banner services

I am selecting a large number of customer records. Once selected I call a subroutine to build an XLS report. Using form_services DisplayWaitBanner and SetWaitBanner I have no problem displaying what is going on behind the scenes. However, when I call the routine to build the spread sheet my progress bar sits doing nothing. I am afraid this will mislead the user when running big reports. The banner will be idle.

I am looking for ways to show that the system is still busy while the called subroutine is processing. One idea I had was to just display the hour glass mouse pointer if that would work. But I would like to see something a little nicer.

I am looking for suggestions.

I have also noted that when I have the SRP_Editor open in the background while testing that the idle banner window will post a not responding message and the image will change..... this is just an FYI


  • The called subroutine creates a Progress msg
  • I think you are seeing the normal behavior when OI is running a tight loop and the presentation server is never given an opportunity to refresh. The normal way to deal with this is to include Yield() statements within the loop.
  • Don, the changes to the message only occur when the SRP_Editor is also open. I will check to see if there is a Yield() statement in the loop. However, what you provided was an answer to a secondary question. The original one was how do I continue to show that something is still in progress in the original window while the subroutine has control. It may be that there is no way to do this with OI.

    Barry, the subroutine I am calling may not be something I can change. I am adding the code for the progress bar in my routine but it is during the time that the called subroutine is executing that I want to show that something is still going on. The subroutine could run for some time depending on how many records got passed to it. I want to keep the user from getting impatient and just killing the process.

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