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Sort Array

I have large tables which I am sorting, with some columns numeric, and using AR sorts.
The data however has a mixture of integer and non-integer, and this causes the right-aligned sort to fail.
Example below, I would expect the sort to be in order : 0.5 > 1 > 2
It seems to be length based, ie AL.
Any ideas?

SF_TABLE<1,1>="AA" ;SF_TABLE<2,1>="2"
SF_TABLE<1,2>="BB" ;SF_TABLE<2,2>="1"
SF_TABLE<1,3>="CC" ;SF_TABLE<2,3>="0.5"



  • Does using “N” instead of “R” make a difference? I believe that parameter is specifically for situations like this.
  • Use AN2 instead of AR2. This was added in v2.0.3 to improve sorting of numeric fields.
  • Thanks
    "AN" works fine.
    This is a failure by me to read the online help :(
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