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Row Markers

I would like to use something like the HeaderImage property to set an image against the row indicator.
For example, to indicate the row is a new item, or indicate it as marked for deletion.
Is there any way to do this, or similar.




  • Haven't tried it but as the row indicator is a header column could the headerimage property still work?

    Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_EDITTABLE", "OLE.HeaderImage[1; ":rownumber + 1:"]", 2)

    With headers, the columns are offset to the data columns so [1;1] is the top left corner of the table, the header above the row indicators so I'm thinking perhaps [1;2] might be the first row indicator?

    Alternatively you could hide the column header (row indicators) and make your first data column the icon indicator
  • I tried that but it did not work... but then it could have been me being silly.

    Hiding the row indicators and adding my own is a good solution.
    I will look into that if no other options arise.
  • HeaderImage is the correct property, but it requires you to first set the ImageList property.
  • OK thanks.
    I tried this, but I must have done something wrong.
    I will have another go.
  • edited April 2020
    If you still run into problems, share the code that's placing the image and I'll see if I spot any issues.
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