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onFileDrop, but on a tree

The picture control works a treat for dragging OS files into OI but now I want to go one step further. I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that you were working on being able to drop os files onto a tree control rather than the picture control.
Did that ever come to fruition? I expect that it would have been documented if it had but it can't hurt to ask.


  • No, sorry. What is the use case you are after?
  • I have a long standing utility whereby users can drop files onto a picture control and then associate the file/s with multiple records from two different tables, say workers and sites.
    A newish request has come in whereby the customer wants to associate external files with mv fields within one of those records. I've provided a window with two tree controls, one listing the imported files for that employee record and another listing the contents of the relevant mv field for that employee. This enables them to drag files from one tree to the other making the lower level association where relevant.

    In the feedback, they've asked to be able to drag from external and drop in at the field level rather than the record level. I understand their request but am also abundantly aware they have their blinkers on when asking and are forgetting (or overlooking) the versatility of the current process and how many places it's actually available to them.

    So ideal use case is this. OI form displays details of record. On the form, an Edittable displays contents of associated mv fields for that record in editable rows. They want to associate external files with those mv positions by dragging them from Windows and dropping them onto the relevant Edittable row.
    I've provided a solution where clicking a button on that form will launch a dialog box with two tree controls that enables drag and drop association like this

    Simplistic concept, here's a scan of an employees drivers licence, let's link it to the details of the licence we've got on file. In the screenshot, you'd drag the scanned document from the left and drop it onto the drivers licence item in the tree on the right.

    Since first asking this question, I've proposed an alternative to the customer that involves adding the picture control to the top of this screen which in turn would allow dropping from Windows and then immediately populating the Documents list from which they can drag to the right. It's a compromise based on the functionality available but it is more streamlined then the two form approach they currently have so they might go for it.
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