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SRP_Json sorting

What is the Sorted parameter that was added to SRP_Json in SRP Utilities v2.0? The online help for STRINGIFY doesn't seem to mention this.

I'm just testing the SRP Utilities v2.1.4 in an API system and have noticed a difference in the output of the JSON. The _links are at the end whereas they used to be at the beginning. This isn't a problem - I just want to track it down. I suspect it's related to the "Updated GETMEMBERS and STRINGIFY services of SRP_Json to include Sorted parameter" enhancement in v2.0.


  • Wow. Sorry about that. The documentation was missing quite a few new parameters. I updated both STRINGIFY and GETMEMBERS on the wiki. The Sorted parameter sorts member names alphabetically in ascending order, but only when generating the output. Internally, members are unordered. Without the Sort parameter, no particular order is guaranteed, though the order tends to be the order in which the members were added.
  • Great, thanks for that. It appears that output was sorted by default back in version 1.6. That's nice for diagnostics, but good to now be able to have that off for production.
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