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OpenInsight Utility function for COPYFILE

I have discovered that Utility ("COPYFILE"....) in OI 9.1.1 fails when the filename contains ¿.
Probably other characters too.
When the files are .mp3, it is useful for the filename to be the same as the track/song name.
Since ? is common and Windows does not allow a ? in a filename we convert ? to ¿ for storage.
We could convert back when displaying the name.

I wonder if there is a workaround to allow a filecopy when three is a ¿ in the filename.

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  • You could try manually copying:

    OSRead Data from SourceFile then OSWrite Data to DestFile end
  • Greetings!
    SRP_Run_Command using Windows (DOS) commands such as COPY works great.
    Have fun,
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