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Tooltip of function/subroutine parameters doesn't come back

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As you can see, my cursor is in the right spot for the tooltip to display, but it's not displaying.

As I type the function name and the parameters, it appears. But if I remove my cursor from the function midway though typing the parameters, and then return my cursor to the function, the tooltip does not reappear. That's what's happening in the screenshot above.

To fix, I need to delete all of the already typed-in parameters.

I can see that we are very much out of date. I will try to upgrade the srp editor we use.


  • There are various known and expected conditions that would cause the tooltips to disappear. They don't just come back automatically but pressing Ctrl+T will always toggle them.
  • Ctrl+T
    My favourite shortcut.
  • thanks ctrl+T works
  • Ctrl+T
    My favourite shortcut.

    F12 occupies the top of my short list.
  • @DonBakke
    and F12 does what?
  • If your cursor is anywhere in a label or the name of a stored procedure/insert (even if this just exists within comments), pressing F12 will jump to the label or open up that stored procedure /insert.
  • Ok, thanks. havent seen that anywhere
  • Ok, thanks. havent seen that anywhere

    Sigh...we really do need to get our documentation updated for the SRP Editor. I could have sworn the F12 feature was at least visible in the menus, but I just confirmed it is a hidden menu.
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    F12 occupies the top of my short list.

    Now that I know about it I can see that knocking Ctrl+T out of the number one spot. It is a feature I use extensively but via right click.
    Plus I never thought to use it for jumping to the label and always mouse up to the dropdown to achieve that goal.
    Two different features (to me until now) managed by one hotkey combo?
    Productivity power boost applied.
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    ...and always mouse up to the dropdown to achieve that goal.

    Which leads me to my other favorite shortcut: Ctrl+L. Now this is definitely visible in the SRP Menu (Search > Goto Label).

    I've always been a big fan of workflows that require little, or no, reliance upon the mouse. When coding I typically use these shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+L to find a label/service/event/API in my routine. Auto-complete works great in this tool.
    • Ctrl+F2 to set a mark where I'm at.
    • F12 to jump to another label or stored procedure.
    • F2 to return back to my marker.
    • Ctrl+F8 to move my open item into my Favorites.
    • Ctrl+W to close the current tab (If my item is already in my Favorites, this keeps the entry visible so I can easily recall it but I no longer have the item locked.)
  • and now I see F12 == Ctrl + Shift + G.

    I'll stick with the F12 I think.

    Thanks for the tips Don.
  • Ah, yes. That's why F12 isn't visible...because we already have a menu for this feature. I totally forgot about Ctrl+Shift+G. I also forget why we have two shortcuts for the same feature.
  • Ctrl+Shift+G was the original. I added F12 down the line because of my Visual Studio habits.
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