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SRP_DateTime AddDays issue.

I am having an issue with SRP_DateTime "AddDays". It isnt quite behaving like I anticipated.

This is basically my test.
//Default for now. StartTimeAdjust = 30 ; //in Days //Get Current UTC Date time in OI format. CurrUTCDateTime = SRP_DateTime("Now",1) //Add StartTimeAdjust AdjDateTime = SRP_DateTime("AddDays", CurrUTCDateTime , StartTimeAdjust )

SRP_DateTime ("Now") returns in OI format.
SRP_DateTime ("AddDays") requires an OI date format entry according to the docs.

My problem is that my AdjDateTime returns blank.

What have I done wrong?
I can get around it in my case with a straight CurrUTCDateTime + StartTimeAdjust but I would like to use the function as a standard.

I will look at the AddMinutes/AddMonthes/etc shortly to see what they do.


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