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I have a negative number, say -5.00, I am passing into a ReportTable.
The format mask for that related column is "$#,##0.00" (butI I have tried what seems like every combination of 0's and #'s in the mask)

The value displaying is -$50.00 (inflated by factor of 10).

If I pass through -50.0 I see -$500.00 (also inflated by factor of 10).
If I pass through -.500 I see -$0.50 (correct)

I am guessing it is something to do with the negative value.
I might need a little guidance on how to correctly display the negative value.

I am running SRPControls 4.1.5.


  • Hi Will,

    I tested this out myself and I'm getting the same odd result (with a 4.1.6 version). I also tested the "$#,##0.00" format in Excel and it doesn't seem to have the same trouble with the -5.00 value. Not quite sure what is going on, but I think you are using the ColumnList format option correctly. This may be a display bug, but someone else is going to have to confirm that.

  • Thanks for having a look Frank. Another staff member clocking in the OT!

    Yep, your results replicate mine. I shall wait for further confirmation...
  • I was able to recreate this as well. I'll take a look at this tomorrow and get you a fix as soon as possible.
  • Thanks Kevin :)
  • Kevin,

    I downloaded 4.1.6 from the product page link you provided (
    I copied it over my old OCX and re-registered.

    It doesnt seem to make a difference?

    this is my format
    Set_Property(Ctrl , "OLE.ColumnFormat[15]" , "$#,##0.00")

    This is my data:

    This is my output:

    (should be 1@-$5 and 2@-$1)

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong/not doing?
  • No formatting proves the data is still right.

  • Sorry. Bad build. I've replaced the builds on the products site. It's still version 4.1.6, but the full build number should be instead of Download again.
  • Kevin,

    Excellent. That works!

    You were just messing with my head for a bit there ;-)
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