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Win10 PRO, OI v9.4.4, UD not installed - just a local copy, updating SRP Utilities as I notice a new version, I had v2.0.6, downloaded v2.1.4, installed and got an "invalid application" error. Has something changed that I am unaware of? TIA,


  • This error occurs when the installer cannot connect to the OI engine for any number of reasons. Maxed out user count. The engine couldn't be located in the given directory. There is no SYSPROG application. You name it. If it helps, you can download the RDK here and install it manually.
  • Nothing should have changed. Does your SYSPROG application have a password? If so, make sure you type the the password with the correct case. I think this can cause the error you are seeing.
  • Actually, if it was a bad password, the error would be "Invalid username or password." This error means it can't even start the engine. I should probably change the error from "Invalid application" to "Failed to start OEngine" or something.
  • Yep, you are right. I thought we had discovered a situation where passing in credentials via REVCAPI was case-sensitive and produced an unusual error. However, I tested the installer using mixed case passwords and it installed fine each time. If I enter a bad password I get the error you described.
  • no, SYSPROG does not have a password and I work locally, so should not have been an instance of not finding oengine, but maybe OI was in a non-responding state, I encounter those issues when using Win10 PRO. I did bounced the workstation and it installed without incident. Have no clue why I got the error I posted. Either way, base on a new RC version of utilities, SRP_Utilities_RDK_215_RC3_32bit, I would like to install as I wanted to work with some of the UTC features, I noticed it was mentioned to used v2.1.5, I tried an RDK install of v2.1.5 in SYSPROG, but gave the attached error, any suggestions? TIA
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    I believe the answer to your problem is given in the other thread that you are involved with, but for the sake of completion and for any others who stumble upon this thread I'll give a response. What we provided you was a runtime deployment (aka RDK). This means you need to use the proper function for installing it, which is RDKInstall. OI 9 does not provide a UI for installing RDKs. You have to open up the System Monitor and type in the following syntax:


    Your screen shot indicates that you attempted to use the Repository Check-Out Entity tool, which is incompatible with runtime deployments.
  • thanks, brain fart again, as I do remember a long time ago, having to run that method, just haven't done it that way in a while. I wanted the newer version based on one of the features mentioned in the pre-released version. I am hoping this weekend, I can reinstall and reconfig all my SRP tools into a fresh copy of OI.
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