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Embed Chrome Browser

Can you embed a Non-OI form into the SRP panel control as long as you get the Handle to the Non-OI form? I want to embed a chromium browser into an OI form and I thought I'd ask before experimenting.


  • It should work in theory. The panel control isn't doing anything OI-specific to the forms. It does alter the Window's style bits to convert it into a child window without title bars.
  • Ok - sounds promising. Thanks.
  • How do you get a handle to a chrome browser?
  • That's a good question. The way I've been doing it in my prototype is using an AutoHotkey script that can find the Handle of a Window that has a specific title. I'd like to see if there would be a better way to do it within OpenInsight if anyone has any ideas.
  • @josh - Normally you would use the FindWindow API to get the handle.

    @prattspets - You should have a copy of the Windows_Services module from your FrameWorks system. There is a service called GetHandle that you can use. You can pass in the caption of a running desktop window and it will return the handle for you.
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    how do you call the FindWindow API from OI?
  • @josh - It's already defined in OI so you can call it as if it was a regular function.
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