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SRP Editor OCX

Quick question, Does the SRPEditor.OCX replace the editor's reliance on SRPUtil.ocx?


  • Yes. SRPUtil.ocx is deprecated. SRPEditor.ocx will be used exclusively for the SRP Editor. If we need to support other tools, we'll make special builds of the OCXs for them. This will ensure no tool messes up a version dependency for any other. Plus, SRPUtil was getting confused with our SRP Utilities.
  • Fair enough. Thanks Kevin.

    If I didn't know better I would say you were just sitting there waiting for me to post something!
  • Just happened to be at my desktop while waiting for dinner to finish. :)
  • Lucky me :)
    Thanks again & enjoy dinner!
  • So, what SRP controls should we now be registering?
  • SRPControls.ocx/SRPControl64.ocx for ActiveX Controls you own. SRPEditor.ocx/SRPEditor64.ocx for the SRP Editor. The installer takes care of this for you.
  • Yes, but application copies to local folder and registers when 'run as admin', so just needed to check that I have to now remove srputil.
  • @BarryStevens - Fair point. However, in case you have other copies of OI with an older version of the SRP Editor you might want to keep SRPUtil.ocx installed and registered.
  • Ok, yes I do, thanks.
    Just making sure was not a clash and causes of my other issue reported elsewhere.
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