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SRP Editor Suggestion Box

Has SRP ever thought of grouping favorites via tabs at the top of the Favorites Bar or (preferably due to witdh considerations) collapsible header entries in the list that Procedures (etc.) can be attached to?

I am working on five projects at once at the moment and the list of files I attack frequently is getting quite long (requiring a decent scroll)!!


  • Yes, I've made that suggestion many times. However, I don't rank very high within our team so my suggestions always get shot down. ;-)
  • Give me a minute to create a few more forum accounts and lets see if we can *Bump* this a few dozen more times!
  • I keep putting this feature off in lieu of others, though I'm not sure why. I'd probably benefit the most considering how many OI products I work on. Consider it bumped, though I won't offer any specific ETA.
  • Hooray!!!

    Here's to you kind sir!!
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