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SRP_JSON fix in v2.1.7

This release also fixes an oversight in SRP_Json in which object keys were not getting properly escaped.

What was the issue here? We've just widely deployed v2.1.6 so just want to check what the conditions are.


  • The following code:
    If SRP_Json(ObjHandle, "New") then SRP_Json(ObjHandle, "SetValue", 'How "are" you', 'Just "fine" I say') Ans = SRP_Json(ObjHandle, "Stringify", "FAST") SRP_Json(ObjHandle, "Release") end
    Should produce this:
    {"How \"are\" you":"Just \"fine\" I say"}
    but it was producing this:
    {"How "are" you":"Just \"fine\" I say"}
    It was escaping values, but not keys.
  • Ah, I see - thanks. That shouldn't affect us :)
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