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Collapsed state

Admittedly asking before trying as I haven't yet installed it but can I expect that when I close and reopen the new editor, it will not only remember which routines I had open but also what was collapsed and what wasn't?
Is that what it means by "Restoring Saved States"?


  • "Restoring Saved States" is where the SRP Editor is re-opening stuff you had opening before, restoring where you were in the code, and restoring things like bookmarks and folding states. Yes, folding states are remembered between sessions.
  • Cool. I'll install it now and check it out.
  • Installed it and is it just me or does it seem to close faster than it used to?
    I notice that the OFL list in the registry doesn't seem to remove closed routines; changes the DEFAULT value correctly but the list remains the same so if I reopen a routine that's already in the list but a higher number than the default, it ends up in the list twice.

    I know there were some issues around this previously and I just got in the habit of resetting the DEFAULT number to match the list and then tidied it up by closing in the editor. This doesn't seem to work anymore either.

    Not sure if it's an issue of concern but thought I'd mention it.

    On the upside, looking forward to using the folding code option.
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