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OI Compatibility

Trying to get my PBC application working in OI
Them ribbon control is very small and not displaying any icons.
Is there anything required other than the OI conversion process to get the ribbon control working? I suspect the 64 bit control needs to be installed.

Any advice would be helpful.



  • Found my ribbon icons but ALL the SRP text is very small. Is the font adjustable within the SRP environment?
    Installed the 64 bit editor and controls and the ribbon is working, again ALL is tiny.
  • OK,
    Found a setting on the OI10 desktop shortcut and set the the DPI settings to:
    High DPI scaling override:
    Checked the check box:
    Selected "System" from the dropdown.
    Ribbon and other SRP controls displaying as expected.

  • Chris - Glad you got that sorted out. You posted very early in the morning for most of us, otherwise we probably would have pointed you in the right direction right away.
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