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SRP Table Search v1.2

Not sure if this is a UTILITY freeware; hopefully I have posted into the correct section. I am using SRP Table Search, v1.2. Left-hand pane, used to list the SYSPROCS and SYSPROG stuff if you wanted, but it defaulted to SYSPROCS, I have attached U2 data volumes in DB manager, ever since then the Table Search, list all the attached U2 volumes and I cannot find out how to list SYSPROCS anymore. TIA.


  • Press Ctrl+S to select new tables or scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Select Tables hyperlink.
  • thanks, no hyperlink at bottom of the list, but the ctrl-s did bring up a new dialog box that looks familiar, I removed all U2 tables from the list, as it appears to not work well with the attached U2 tables.
  • ok, now if I enter a search string, it returns valid hits in the editbox, I double-click on an example and am told, I have an outdated version of SRP editor, unfortunately there is a blank "Initializing Frame" dialogbox that appears in front of the error message and the search table locks up. I alt-tab and was able to view the error message, but cannot get a screenshot.
  • ok, the initializing frame dialogbox and the error message is from SRP editor. I updated both SRP Editor and Utilities today and when I click on either the table search or editor, says prior builds of 09.21.20 are valid with my license and that I have an invalid license. Is there something that can be done, is my license outdated, I did not think so, but could be or has the licensing process changed? TIA
  • It appears the license and modal dialogbox is SRP Editor specific. Win10/OI v9.4.4, updated my SRP Editor today to v3.2.2 and now it no longer works. If I click the SRP push-button #2 in image off of the Application Manager (buttons on the left side), it displays a modal dialogbox that is empty except for "initializing frame" #1 in image then it displays a dialogbox saying outdated version of SRP Editor, #3 and 2nd image is the full contents of the error message. I will uninstalled and rollback updates, as I updated SRP Utilities as well to v2.1.8. Would someone please let me know if the license needs to be changed, thanks.
  • I'll contact you via email regarding the status of your license.
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