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SRP Editor Theme

We have has a little bit of a problem recently with themes in the Editor.
We are currently deploying 3.2.1

Basically, from what I can tell, the Themes have a way to set a color to be a special 'Default' pointer for any particular instance (keyword, comment, etc). It seems the later version of the Editor dont apply this special 'Default' but rather a color (in my case Black)?

This is an example of what I see: (I tend to use Solarized Light onsite without customising anything)

This is not a problem in my local for some reason but it has happened on 4 or 5 sites now with the new Editor/Utilities. I tend to use Plastic Wrap locally but even Solarised Light works fine.

I tried to export settings from my local as well as deploying 'working' SYSENV.SRP_EDITOR_THEME entries from there

This did not seem to be a problem in 3.1.0

Any ideas?


  • Pre-emptive Update: I just installed the latest Editor and Utilities download.

    I can confirm it is still a problem.
  • I've found the themes don't necessarily remain consistent from one version of the editor to another and the quickest resolution I found was to simply choose a different theme. There's probably a real answer but I didn't pursue it. But I also think the machine itself may have an impact. I have different themes set on some clients servers because they didn't behave the same way as my local.

    I just checked solarized light on my local and on one of my clients servers. They be different.

    So basically posting just so you know you're not alone in your experience.
  • @AusMarkB - What version of Windows are you running in each case? Also, is it safe to assume you are running the same version of the SRP Editor and SRPEditor.ocx?
  • Windows 10 Home vs Windows Server 2016.

    On this occasion no it's not safe to assume that Don only because I've recently updated locally and haven't got around to doing it at the customer sites. I was hesitant to post the examples because of that but then figured, well I've had that experience through the last few Editor updates (well at least since themes were a thing).

    I just put the differences between machines down to the differences between Windows and the idea that servers may not have all the same fancy gui options.
    I didn't come up with a plausible (at least in my mind) reason for themes not being consistent from one version of the editor to the next but I've been easily placated by selecting another theme and going, yep, that looks good.
    Currently using Deep Black.
  • I presume you are connecting to the Windows Server 2016 via RDP? What is the color depth of your session?
  • I'm currently using Deep Black in both Editors shown above and those themes are identical so it's just some themes that vary. No big deal for me unless I had a sudden urge to switch to Solarized Light or something.

    I don't.
  • Don,

    My local that works is Windows 10. The example remote site (via RDP) is a 2012R2 and I am connecting RDP with a 32bit depth. This site used to be fine. I honetly cant recall what Editor version was over there before I updated it. The other sites will be 2012RS or 2016 but I would have to double check.

    Mark, note that changing themes doesn't help me :(

    The 'Default' pointer I was talking about above is this:

    On the sites I have an issue with that 'Default' text doesnt exist so it doesnt show me the actual Default value (light for solarised light), just the black that used to appear behind the default.

    I made a note of these missing 'Default' settings against my local and used a color picker to get the right RGP. I then manually set them all in my RDP and made it look good again.
  • Mark/Don,

    Ive grown accustomed to Plastic Wrap (thanks Don!) and even that required me to reset the proper Default back to Black once I select it. On one of my problem sites I then had to change 5 or 6 of the individual foreground colors because they were black for some reason so the words just blended away......

    You are right in that Deep black seems reasonable straight up.

    I was trying to keep my local theme dark (as is my preference) but light (but not standard white) for clients sites as:
    1. Not all my collegues like dark themes (weird right?)
    2. It actually helps me easily distinguish client code to source code!

  • I've got nothing else to offer but hopefully we've uncovered enough to give Kevin something to work with. He will have to chime in tomorrow (it's 11:30PM for us now).
  • edited October 2020
    1. Colleagues are weird in general I find.
    2. Always a good thing to be conscious of :)
    3. You know now I'm going to try plastic wrap

  • My two new favorites are Visual Studio Dark and Joker. Both were introduced somewhat recently.
  • And now Mark and I are off to try them ;-)
  • Is that just because you then don't need to update your glasses for a while longer?
  • ;-)
    Font Size 12! Perfect for my blind eyes!

    I like the symmetry of the joker colors. I dont know if it will be my daily. I still like the vibrant colors of Plastic...
  • Font Size 12! Perfect for my blind eyes!

    True confession. Even when I was using Plastic Code Wrap, I would change the size to 12.
  • The main issue is duplication. One thing that might help me investigate this. On the "broken" machine, click the Export button on the Options window and send that to me.
  • Kevin,

    As requested.

  • Take 2.

    It didnt seem to want to attach the raw file so I zipped it.

    (and I compromise Don. 11 point font for me these days ;) )
  • (and I compromise Don. 11 point font for me these days ;) )

    Show off.
  • Just new(er) glasses.

  • Fixed in 3.2.3. When select a predefined theme, it should fully apply the theme and no longer leave behind the black backgrounds.

    Note, if you are unable to update to 3.2.3, you can alternatively Export your SRP Editor Options from a good copy and import them into the bad ones.
  • Now Kev, I feel this is an occasion where a fix is going to be more problematic than the issue itself.

    When not all themes displayed as they should, it allowed me to quickly eliminate themes I wouldn't be interested in. It reduced my options. If they all work, well.... that's hours to be wasted going ... "hhmmm, what about this one?"

    oh hang on. That's my problem isn't it?

  • edited October 2020

    I am sure I tried the import/export options and it didnt help me.

    However, the I just threw the new version onsite and that did the trick!
    Thanks for that.

    AusMarkB, Dont pretend like you haven't already done that ;-)
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