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EditTable CellConv in OI 10

I'm working in OI10 and the 64 bit version of SRP controls and I ran into a problem I am trying to solve. I have a setup SRP edittable where I am setting validation and conversion type on the fly. The following code is used:

Call Set_Property(CtrlEntID, "OLE.CellConv[3; 1]", "MD2":@FM:"MD2":@FM:'"@DATA" is not a number.')
Call Set_Property(CtrlEntID, "OLE.CellConv[3; 2]", "MD2":@FM:"MD2":@FM:'"@DATA" is not a number.')

when a number is entered in this field the error message is triggered. any help would be greatly appreciated


  • I've only worked with the 32bit version in OI 9.4, so my experience may not be relevant. I've had CellConv fail as you describe when placing the control in a modal dialog window. I can only use the CellConv property for SRP EditTables in non-modal forms.
  • Thanks for posting, @prattspets. I let this post slip through the cracks. @Mihyar, is this on a modal dialog box? The problem with modal dialog boxes is that they do not allow for synchronous event handling. It's an age-old limitation of OI. If this is a modal dialog box, you can't use CellConv. You'll have to manually handle this with the AfterUpdate event.
  • @KevinFournier and @prattspets
    Thank you so much for your reply, it is indeed in a dialog box, I switched to handling that manually. Now thanks for your replies it makes sense.
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