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Print function from menu bar

edited October 2020 in SRP Editor
If I click on the printer icon I get the following message.
I click OK and I get the printer preview form, click on X (top right) to close and OI closes.



  • Have you run OI's client install? I'm just using the OIPI's printer control.
  • The OI prints from my app and OI editor prints all worked ok.
    But, anyway I reran the clientsetup
    Tried again - same splash screen
    Then did print again and no splash screen or subsequent times.
    But if I exit OI and then back in and start the editor, I still get the splash screen on first print but not subsequent.

    So, must be something weird at my end. I can live with it as I dont usually use the print , was actually an accident clicking the wrong icon.
  • edited October 2020
    Is this OI 9 or OI 10?
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