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Revelation Software Works Forum - Scrambled

After a while through the day the rev works forum page comes up as scrambled both in chrome and edge (see below)
If I reboot, it is then ok for a while.
Any ideas, I know it must be something in my PC, but I would not have a clue where to look.
I have posted the 'Developer' view fyi.


  • I read your post in the WORKS forum and honestly I've never seen this before. It looks like binary code. I've seen similar output when a binary file (like a PDF) is returned as simple data (i.e., it isn't encoded properly).
  • I posted it here because it is the only way I can show a true image. Wish rev forum was as easy as yours.
  • My guess is that your PC is losing the font somehow.
  • What? You can't read that Barry?
    Maybe @Opto_Will can recommend his optometrist?
  • I dont think they can help with that! It would just be clearer mumbo jumbo then !
    I've never seen that either. My font problems seem rather simple by comparsion.....
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