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SRP Editor Runtime Error

I am occassionally getting the following error when starting the Editor at the stage when it is restoring saved states.

I am using SRP Editor
The Editor is still responsive after that but the splash screen does not disappear (I have to restart. and then it seems fine?)

Like I said it has only happened a couple of times and only recently (so it might be after I installed 3.2.3?)

Anyone else seen that?


  • I've not encountered this yet. The code in question is just reading the SIZE property of a control, which is concerning. Is this happening on a remote connection?
  • Correct.

    Connected by remote desktop to a couple of clients, as well as our Testbox in house (also RDP)
  • RDPs add a source of failure. Since they emulate certain aspects of Windows, they can confuse the UI sometimes. So, unless we can recreate this in a non-RDP scenario, I'm not sure how to fix it, especially if it's a matter of the SIZE property simply returning non-numeric data. I don't have control over OI's SIZE property.
  • OK. I will see what I can find with a local copy. I am not sure what has changed. I don't control the clients but I control our Testbox and there were no Windows or OI updates, only the most recent Editor install (and associated Utilities obviously)

    One other thing to note that may (or may not) help is that it seems to lose my ... 'layout' when this happens. Editor opens without Favorites or Status Window .
  • I'd expect the layout to be bad because the startup code does a lot of layout work. (Many people don't realize that OI 9 has some frustrating bugs that try to constantly 'reset' controls after I resize them). So, if the SIZE property is returning "", then the rest of the layout logic is going to fail.

    If you recreate this on a machine, I'm more than happy to fix it. I just don't want to chase red herrings if the RDP is at play.
  • Understood.

    Let me see what I can break!!!
  • Quick Update. I haven't been able to replicate it on my local yet but have on some other RDP sessions. If it is RDP related, as you suggest, I still dont understand what triggered this to start happening.

    However, I have noticed on my local, that Favs, Viewer and Command frames all get saved in the running state but try as I might, Status Window does not save as 'open'... It always restarts in a closed state.
  • I don't think the Status Window saves it's state, so that is not a bug.
  • Obviously you are right. (Now that I have checked several clients going back to 3.0.1) ;-)

    I thought it did. No idea why I thought that. My bad.
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