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Editor Tabs

I seem to have lost my Open Window Tabs in a single instance of the Editor (unfortunately, it is my local Dev version). I dont know how I managed that and I can't seem to get them back. Re-installing the Editor didn't help, nor did importing Options. Everything else looks OK (Open Windows and Favorites for example)

Any ideas what I have done ?


  • That one got me too. Thought I had screwed up the install.
    Found it as a checkbox in the options screen that for some reason was checked.

  • Hahaha!!

    How easy was that? I knew it would be something simple. It is a little embarrassing that I missed that! No Idea why that was even ticked.

    You, Sir, are a Legend!
    Whereabouts are you located @AusMarkB?
  • Legend? Must be true. The shirt I'm currently wearing says so.

    This was an easy answer for me because it was still a bit raw :)
    Found the checkbox checked just before I posted the similar question within the last couple of weeks.

    I'm in Sydney, Aus.
  • :) Clearly thats a sign....

    I just can't believe I put up with it so long before asking the question!

    Well, thank you kindly from Brisbane!
  • Aha, a local, relatively speaking.
    Close enough to share the same seasons, far enough way for your premier to lock us out :)
  • Cool shirt. Appropriate.

    Yep. Mind you it kept the in-laws to your neck of the woods so not all bad that ;-)
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