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SRP Editor Search Question

When I want to search for something in SRP Editor, I press CTRL-F and this opens:

After I click Find Next, the search box closes, which means I need to re-open it if I want to find the next occurrence of the string. If there are many occurrences of the string, this can take some time. Is it possible for the search box to stay open, or to open another window containing all occurrences of the string, like Notepad++?


  • Hmmm...I thought it behaved as you expected it to, but I see now that it doesn't. I think I normally use the Replace dialog, which does keep the window open as you would expect. Also, once I've found a string, I prefer to use F3/F4 to search forward/backward.

    We'll have an internal discussion and reply here with our thoughts.
  • I didn't know about the replace tool. CTRL-H. I will just use that.

  • @josh, not sure if you picked up on Don's reference to F3/F4?
    F3 for Next
    F4 for Previous.

    Agreed, the dialog doesn't stay open but you don't need it to if you're just looking for the next occurrence of the same string.
  • While you are looking at this, would it be possible to show the number of times the string is found in the whole document similar to the way the OI Editor++ does searches like this? Just a thought...
  • With the latest Editor update Version can we have the find box close after the find button (enter ) has been pressed. It is anoying to have to close the find window after every search.
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