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Forecolor property no longer working

Hopefully just a minor oversight but the forecolor property doesn't seem to work with the new version.

With the forecolor set to 'MediumBlue' core controls 3.0.3 looks like this

while the new 3.0.7 version looks like this


  • Sorry for my delay in responding. Can you copy the code you're using to setup the Forecolor property? In my test, I took a simple form with only a button, set the Forecolor property to "MediumBlue", and it worked as expected. This was done using the 3.0.7 version of SRPCore.ocx. I also tested this with SRPControls.ocx, both version 3.0.7 and 3.0.9.
  • Ok. This is the section of code that we set it and the only place that we refer to the forecolor property.
    Set_Property(ctrlentid, 'OLE.CaptionList', CaptionList) Set_Property(ctrlentid, 'OLE.IconList', IconList) Set_Property(ctrlentid, '@TOOLTIP', tooltip)
    ; // For ribbonbar buttons we are managing the tooltip via the popup control Set_Property(CtrlEntID, "OLE.Forecolor", 'MediumBlue') HalfWay = 16774121 Set_Property(CtrlEntID, "OLE.Background", HalfWay:@fm:'':@fm:HalfWay:@fm:'':@fm:HalfWay)
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