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GroupCaption changing to "Today"

I can't shake the feeling that this must be some erroneous code on my end but I can't find anything anwhere that seems to do it.
I'm looping through and using the InsertGroup method to add new groups and InsertItem method to add items underneath.
It works except that some of the groups end up with a caption of "Today".

Through the use of yield and delay statements I can see that the groups do indeed get inserted with the caption I give them but it seems that as other groups are inserted, some of the existing captions get changed to the word "Today".

I've searched my code, all my code, for instances of the word "Today" and for use of OLE.GroupCaption and can't find anything that even hints at this concept. I thought maybe I was inserting everything and then some additional code I didn't realise was running was subsequently changing the captions but by slowing it down I see the captions changing within the loop not after.

If I use "-1" as the insert position, it always ends up being groups 10 & 11 that have their caption changed.
If I use "2" as the insert position (there is only one group to start with) then the instances of "Today" are a little more variable but are the last five or six positions plus another position earlier in the list. This is given a list of around fifteen or sixteen groups.
If I use "1" and therefore inserting before an actual group, then the behaviour is the same as using "2" so having an existing group to insert before doesn't change the behaviour.

I'm using control version


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