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SRP_COM Error: The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available.

on my laptop win10 current version, simple piece of code doing a POST via http-clientServices, works perfectly, returns almost immediately.
I've xferred the code to a client's server (Win 2012), installed the http-services-405 and current srp-utilities
the send portion works perfectly, however in / around line 173 where the code is getting the srp_com return code, i'm getting "Error getting the responseBody property for the XMLHTTP object in the SendHTTPRequest service. SRP_COM Error: The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available."
debugging the code, both server and laptop instantiate 'msxml12.serverXMLHTTP.6.0', yet the code is failing
what am i doing incorrect, and / or how do i confirm a sync of versions, etc

thank you


  • I really doubt this is a problem with your version of SRP Utilities or SRP HTTP Framework. That is a normal response form the XMLHTTP object. The fact that it is different on this Win 2012 Server from your Win 10 Laptop suggests there is something going on with that Win 2012 Server. Does IE work on this Win 2012 Server? That is, does it allow you to browse websites? Can you navigate to the URL you are trying to reach?
  • don, i have previously tested firefox and it worked. i have now tested iexplore & it failed, with instructions to turn on tls, which i did, and then it gave me different error - indicating that the remote site needed a signon. However, my POST has the password, etc in the headers, and it works in firefox. So, re-testing OI, it's returning the same error as i note above.
  • Martin - The reason it is important to test with IE is because the XMLHTTP control is based on IE. Therefore, if IE can't connect then XMLHTTP can't connect either. You can try setting the UseClientXMLHTTP argument to True$ and see if that helps.
  • Don - please sit down, because i don't want you to topple with the possible 'big head' you might get, when i say, "that's fixed it". So, what's the magic sauce of that setting?

    Here is Oz, we say "FIGJAM" Don, and you're certainly some figjam on this overcast morning in Sydney.

    and, THANK you..
  • I had to look FIGJAM up...that's pretty damn funny!

    Rather then write a novel in this post, I'll just refer to the blog article I wrote almost 5 years ago:

    Picking the Correct XMLHTTP Object

    Suffice to say I've been in your situation already and once I figured out the problem I thought it would be helpful to document it for everyone's benefit (including my future self).

    You are most welcome.
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