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Does anyone use Collect.IxVals?

edited April 1 in OpenInsight
I would like to use this function. We have never used this function in our code, and I don't have 100% faith in the official OI documentation. So I am not sure if it actually works. All testing of it that I have done indicates that it works. Does anyone else us it?

There are only 4 posts about it on the official Rev forums, and 3 out of 4 of them do not fill me with confidence...


  • It works. I've used it, although not very often. That is mostly due to a lack of use case need. However, it's been around since AREV, so I think it is a well vetted routine. Plus, it is used by Get_SI_Values and IndexLoop.

    Regarding the Rev forums, keep in mind that several years of posts were lost so it is hard to gauge much simply based on the posts.
  • great thanks
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