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Multi-line Tooltip for buttons


I am very impressed with the CaptionList and IconList properties within a button - particularly that it supports an individual style and position for each @fm element.

I was wondering if there is a way to display multiple lines within the tooltip for each button? Currently I am creating various buttons at runtime and setting the tooltip as follows, however when the user hovers over the control only the first line appears:

set_property(@Window:".OLE_BUTTON", "OLE.ToolTip", "This is my button's tool tip text":crlf$:"Line 2.")

Or is there some character(s) that I should be using to delimit lines?


User: James Birnie


  • Hi James,

    The current implementation of the tooltip does not support multiple lines. We hope to add this in the near future, likely as a free upgrade. However, we have to get through our backlog of regular work right now.

    I'm pleased that you like the CaptionList and IconList properties. We've had fun using them ourselves. I just posted a screen shot of how we've used these properties here.
  • Hey Don

    Those screenshots look great, I like the idea of the keyboard. It's been fun - I'll email you a couple of our own for the new MDI we are creating.


    User: James Birnie
  • James,

    I got the images...very nice. I might be coming back to you with some questions.

    FYI, we are looking to provide a way for posters to upload images so they can be added to a message post. Stay tuned!
  • Hi Don

    Sorry I missed your reply here, feel free to ask me anything
    p.s. I used the upload pic functionality in my last srp panel post - thanks for this!

    User: James Birnie
  • Any more news on when the multi-line tooltip might become available?

  • Hey Colin,

    I'm sure that support for multi-line tooltips will be quite easy to implement once the feature is added but given your extensive experience with the SRP toolset here's an example of how I implemented multi-line tooltips for ribbonbar buttons.
    Using the popup control and the mouseenter & mouseexit events of the buttons you can get tooltips that are not only multi-lined but coloured and mixed formatting etc; all the wonderful features that are available with the popup.

    Food for thought as they say...

    You might be able to tell, I was looking for this sort of effect.

  • Colin (and other interested parties),

    The multi-line tooltip enhancement is not presently on a schedule to be implemented. This is because we are still working through some new control development (stay tuned for some information on this) and some enhancements to other controls. Since this work is being commissioned and underwritten, it gets our first priority.

    I am pleased to see the work that Mark did with the SRP Popup control. This is similar to what we have done to provide an enhanced tooltip experience. I will report this much, one of the upcoming updates will be to add a pointer (or tail) to the SRP Popup control. This will make it visually appear more like a balloon tooltip.
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