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SRP_HashTable issue in OpenInsight 10

We noticed an issue in OpenInsight10 with the SRP_HashTable function.
For the simple test subroutine below, array<1> is equal to array<2>.

Compile Subroutine Memory_test(null)
Declare function SRP_HashTable

array = ""
array<1> = SRP_HashTable("Create")
array<2> = SRP_HashTable("Create")


array<1> = 3906927889508414001
array<2> = 3906927889508414001

If we change the code to the following, it works as expected.

Compile Subroutine Memory_test(null)
Declare function SRP_HashTable

hndl1 = SRP_HashTable("Create")
hndl2 = SRP_HashTable("Create")

array = ""
array<1> = hndl1
array<2> = hndl2


SRP Utilities

I would be interested in knowing if this is an issue with our installation.

Thank you,


  • This is a bug in OI 10. For some reason, handles cannot be assigned directly into dynamic array fields. Doing so corrupts the handle. I believe this will be fixed in the next release of OI 10.
  • Just for my own understanding, is this a generic problem for any integer in the 32 to 64 bit range being assigned directly to a dynamic array? If not then what is special about the handles?
  • It is not a generic problem. To quote Carl:
    Found a bug in the coercion layer
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