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Odd formatting only when Search Box open

I found that the autoformatting of the code does odd things when the search box is open. Here is a video to show what I'm seeing. I am using SRP Editor v3.3.1


  • It would be very helpful if you could create a reduced version of your code that still demonstrates the problem but is easy to send us so we can try to duplicate in-house. I tried to duplicate with existing code but could not, so there might be something unique about your code.
  • Follow these steps to duplicate the odd formatting on the sample code provided. Note that this is code that has not been autoformatted previously, and has tabs to create the spacing to line up the variable assignments.

    1) Type Ctrl-F to bring up the Find window in the top right corner of screen
    2) Type "Response" as the word to look for and hit enter or click Find Next button (all instances of "Response" in the code will show as highlighted)
    3) Place cursor next to any of the "=" signs and hit space bar to activate the autoformatting for the block of variables

    The autoformatting does not have any issues with the search box open unless all the instances of the word you are searching for are highlighted. In other words, having the search box open in itself doesn't cause the odd formatting, but only when there are search words highlighted in the code and the "1 of 2" indicator text is showing in the search box.

    Hope this helps you duplicate it. Thanks!

    // Sample Code Response = "" Param1 = 1 LongerParam2 = 2 Param3 = 3 Param4 = 4 Param5 = 5 Prm6 = 6 If Len(Param5) then Response = 1 end
  • Awesome. I was able to duplicate the problem. We'll get back to you.
  • We believe this has been fixed with Note, this is just an updated SRPEditor.ocx. No RDK is needed. Please test and confirm.
  • edited April 2021
    This OCX should fix it. (@DonBakke, jinx)
  • I replaced the OCX file and re-registered it and it works great. Thanks!
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