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Record locking at Read event

Hello all,

Hopefully a simple question..

I have a databound form that I'm using for a "launch pad" before calling another form. The first form reads and locks a given record, but doesn't update anything. If any other user runs the same form and reads the same record, it is of course locked. Is there a way to allow multiple users to access the same record without having lock issues?

I looked into tweaking the IOOPTIONS property, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

Are there any other options besides copying the record to another ID to allow other access?

This is OI 9.4



  • Wouldn't the "No locking" flag in the Form Database Options dialog do what you want?
  • Probably but that's too easy..lol.

    Sorry, I was thinking it was something complicated. There I go thinking again!

    Thanks for the lesson in humility!

    Humbled Michael
  • I spoke too soon. I turned the locking off. It doesn't give me the lock msg, but it also doesn't display the record.
  • I just tried this and it worked as I would expect. Perhaps there is something else in your system that is causing interference. Do you just have the one form that is bound to this table?
  • There is one other form. Would that interfere with record locking?
  • The users are all logging in via RDP and as one pc name. Wouldn't that have an effect too?
  • I thought perhaps if one bound form had normal locking engaged that this might interfere with the form that has locking turned off. However, I just ran a few tests and I can't get this to behave as you described. This makes me suspect promoted events.
  • It also behaves differently for me, logging in as me, than it does for the users logging in as one generic "user"
  • I have to believe this is a programming issue and not an OI issue.
  • Thank you Don
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