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OnClick OLE Event

Any common reason why an OnClick qualified OLE event might suddenly stop working?

Another window is OK

Same window in another copy is working


  • Barry,

    When you say "suddenly stop working" that suggests to me that it was working and then stopped working within the same copy of OI and the same session. However, your last sentence makes me think that you have one copy of OI where it works as expected but another copy of OI where it doesn't work at all. Is that correct?

    There are so many possible answers to this that is hard to know where to start. I can say that no reason would be obvious or common. It would almost certainly come down to differences in your environments. I presume this is all the same computer, so that means the control is properly registered. Moving on I would confirm that, in fact, the OnClick event is truly qualified. That is, you verified that the QUALIFY_EVENT message is getting called. Are you redirecting the event handler (e.g., promoted event) or just routing it to the control's OLE event handler?
  • All above correct

    OLE event calling quickevent to the commuter module

    I saved the window under another name and the commuter module under the same name. no good.
    I will save and do OI Maint functions

    I have a copy from a few days ago, I will give that a try also

  • Barry,

    Hate to ask, but are you calling your commuter module generically? I wonder if the QuickEvent is still calling the original commuter.
  • Barry,

    Okay, very good. Last ditch effort: if you are calling the QUALIFY_EVENT in your commuter's CREATE event handler, are you hardcoding the form/control name in a way that would be incompatible with the new form?
  • No it is all @Window.

    I copied the old ssp source from the working copy and the bloody thing works on the one button that was there before (I added more on the newer version.)
    Obviously stuffed something in the code.

    OK, have somewhere to look now!!!
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