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64 bit issue with panel scrollbars

I ran into an issue in OI10 using the 64 bit SRP Panel control. Trying to figure out if there is a setting I need to use in 64 bit I didn't need to in 32bit.

The issue is when I have a form loaded into the panel that is bigger than the panel, in 32 bit scroll bars (vertical and horizontal) would appear and I could scroll the embedded form. In 64 bit, the scroll bars appear but are disabled. They do not appear disabled, but I cannot use them to scroll the screen.


  • Are you using 4.1.18 or later?
  • apparently we are not. We are using
    looking at that changelog, that would explain my predicament and how to solve it. Thank you so much!
  • Just following up that we updated the OCX file and it solved our issues. Thanks again for your help
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