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Invalid Build Date

I have the SRPCore v3.0.8, SRPEditTable v3.0.4, SRPsubclass v3.0.3, and SRPTree v2.0.6 registered locally on my workstation.
It seems that the SRP Button and SRP Subclass controls will produce an Invalid Build Date error message when an expired SRPlicence is encountered

although this does not occur for SRP EditTable or SRP Tree controls on the same licence.

I wasn't expecting these messages. Is it a bug in the new controls? - or do I have to deploy and maintain a current SRPlicence file with the application?

Cheers, M@


  • Your versions of SRPEditTable and SRPTree were built prior to your license's expiration. I presume you downloaded the latest SRPCore and SRPSubclass from our Downloads page, which is why you are now getting the popups. You either need to update your license or you need to revert back to an older version of the OCXs. You can contact us via email with how you'd like to proceed.

    If you already have a newer SRPlicense.dll that covers the latest SRPCore.ocx and SRPSubclass.ocx, then you do need to deploy that license file as well.
  • Ahh, I see. Yes, we do have a current license file that will cover these new versions. It looks like the issue arose from the way we deployed it in the past.

    I presume the Build Date of a control can be determined from the Date Created property on the ocx file?

    Cheers, M@
  • The date created is usually very close, but not always exact. The info window in the SRP Editor is exact, however. Or, you can read the Version property.
  • Yes - it may be useful if, like the SRP Editor About window, the SRP ActiveX Controls window could show the Build Dates for each control as well as the version? Currently, it isn't easy to tell directly which controls are 'invalid builds' for the given license.
  • I'll look into adding that feature into the SRP ActiveX Controls window. I thought they already showed build dates, but they only show version numbers.
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