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Context F1 not working for OI10

The F1 key in the 64bit SRP editor does not respond.


  • Is your F1 configured to to use SRP Help or the CHM help?
  • If the F1 key is checked to use the SRP help the F1 key goes to the Wiki help but unchecked the F1 key does not respond.
  • Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I experience the same thing. I'm pretty certain this is because the SRP Editor is still attempting to call ProgRef.chm from OI 9.x. This no longer exists in OI 10. I presume you would expect it to launch the OI 10 web help?
  • That is what happens in OI9.4.6 so I was hoping to display 10 web help in OI10.
  • I'm sure we'll add support for that. Stay tuned.
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