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Programatically put OI in the foreground


how can I programmatically from OI move the OI gui to the foreground? We have a background process that needs to move OI into the foreground when a certain event occurs.

I tried the ACTIVATED event, but it didn't do anything.


  • Create a pointer to the SetForegroundWindow API function and use the HANDLE property of your OI window to pass in.
  • Thanks

    i will try that
  • it didn't work. it just flashes the oi icon in the task bar. I may be passing the wrong window handle though. I am passing the window handle of the main form (which contains the mdi frame).
  • According to the documentation of SetForegroundWindow:

    An application cannot force a window to the foreground while the user is working with another window. Instead, Windows flashes the taskbar button of the window to notify the user.
  • A dialog window or message box would prevent SetForegroundWindow from working.
  • the actual problem is that an internet explorer widow is appearing over the top of OI, and the users hate having to move it out of the way.

    A simpler solution would just be to make that IE window not appear at all, which i will be able to do soon..

    but i was hoping there would be a way to fix it now.
  • If you look at the documentation Remarks, you'll see a bullet pointed list of conditions where SetForegroundWindow will work. I suspect that the IE window becomes the foreground process, and since that process is not a child process of OI, then the call fails.
  • I see.

    Anyway, maybe I can kill the IE process. I will look into that
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