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Sum Function

On the Wiki pages I see:

"Sum() recognizes seven levels of delimiters: ASCII character 248 through ASCII character 254."

Here there are only SIX Delimiters, 250-255

I know of the System delimters . What are the other ones?


  • I always use the Ascii chart popup as my little reminder of what's what.

  • Ahhh...

    Good Tip @AusMarkB!
  • So, just to show my ignorance.
    In what manner are ASCII 248 and 249 used as delimters in OI?

  • In the same manner that you can use a comma or tab as a delimiter if you utilize the Field, Insert, and Delete functions. I can't speak to the history of those delimiters, but in OI, they are not "official" delimiters in that there are no @ variables to conveniently access them. I never use them, and I forget they exists until posts like these remind me.
  • There is the OI function SetNoOfDelimiters (or the NO_OF_DELIMITERS or DELIMCOUNT properties in SYSTEM) that can be used to override this. It's useful if you have highly structured configuration records, for example.
  • Cheers to both for the clarification and additional info :)
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